Pattern Help

So my husband wants a hat and we found a pattern. It’s called the Northman Hat by Sheena Pennell. So now I have to knit it and I am used to blankets. I used to have someone who helped me “build my patterns” so I didn’t screw up. Unfortunately, she’s no longer around. Can someone help me? I’ve tried chartminder and got lost and confused. I measured my husband’s head and it’s 23 inches around. I want to take it to 22 inches so the cap is tight. I just need someone to help!

That seems to be a very densely knit hat so I don’t think you’ll make it too big. A size 4 circular will make it pretty darn tight plus it’s got fair isle which can tend to tighten up. Have you done fair isle before? This isn’t a complicated design. What exactly do you need help with?