Pattern help

I’m a basic knitter who is trying a new pattern. The book gives me abbreviations, but not for this one… C6B. Can someone please help???

it is a cable pattern. if you go here you will see instructions how to make cables! scroll down to deco stitches! :thumbsup:

In case you’re not in a position to look it up, a C6B means to slip three to a cable needle and hold in back, knit three from the left needle, and then knit three from the cable needle.

Thanks so much! I’ve torn this piece apart countless times! LOL I’m working with Microspun and #3’s…UGH!!!

oooooh no you got sucked into the softness of microspun haven’t you! :frowning: microspun feeeeeeeels so nice and the colors are so pretty…but it is just such a pain to work with.

don’t let yourself go crazy getting frustrated with it…some patterns just don’t work well with microspun!..sometimes i think that is yarn that is just meant to be kept around for touching!

It is a PITA to work with–not much give and it splits (and the more you frog, the worse the problems get). But it has its sirens’ song in its oh-so-unbelievable softness. Beware! :shock: