Pattern help

I have a question about this pattern:
It should be easy but I’m not sure.

K2 yo *k4 (k2tog) twice, k4 yo k1 yo
Repeat from * ect.

So do I k4 (k2tog) two times or only k2tog two time?

It’s from a dishcloth pattern on ravelry:

Thank you

Looking at the original pattern this one is based on, this is missing a comma or period after the k4. So you only repeat the k2tog two times.

K2, yo * k4, (k2tog) 2x, k4, yo, k1, yo *

Thanks so much!!

I didn’t see any comments in the Ravelry projects but I’m curious about the first yo.
It’s not balanced by a k2tog on this row or a succeeding row so it would continue to increase a stitch every time this row is repeated.
I wonder if the initial k2 should be a k2tog?

Good point! The line from the original pattern reads:
*K2. yfwd. K4. (K2tog) twice. K4. yfwd. K1. yfwd. K4. (K2tog) twice. K4. yfwd. K2.

The adaptation jwalkgirl is following drops the 4-stitch column between the fans, which would be the k2 at the end repeated with the k2 from the beginning. Original cloth only does two repeats of the pattern, so two fans, one column, two fans. So maybe:
K2. yfwd. K4. (K2tog) twice. K4. yfwd. K1. Repeat between ** three times. yfwd. K4. (K2tog) twice. K4. yfwd. K2
That balances and gives you four fans in a row.