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I’m knitting an “easy” pattern called Teton Village Sweater by Selena Miskin. I’m finishing the back. The pattern says “Bind off 12 shoulder stitches in seed stitch pattern on each side, leaving 27 middle neck stitches on holder.” I’ve bound off the first 12 (right side), moved the next 27 to a holder. Now how do I bind off the remaining 12 stitches (left side). Thank you for your help.

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Here’s a link to the pattern.

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The easiest thing to do is to bind off 12sts, work across to the end of the row, turn and bind off 12sts. That will leave you with the middle 27sts for a holder.

Very nice top.

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Thank you so much. I started knitting the front just to keep moving but hope for some help on finishing the back.

Which part of the back is causing the problem?

It's the last row where you bind off the 1st 12 st (right shoulder side), place 27 st on a holder (will be handled in neckline) and bind off the remaining 12 st on the left side. I'm not sure how to do the 2nd bind off. Do I cut the yarn after the 1st bind off and begin again for the 2nd. Can you begin a bind-off in mid row?

@salmonmac mentioned up thread how to do that. Bind off the first 12 then knit across and turn. Bind off 12 and you’re left with the center stitches which you place on a holder.

I thought about this but won't I have one more row on the left side than on the right? Does this make a difference in how the sweater looks?

This instruction is quite common in knit shoulders. When you consider your row gauge, one row more or less is only going to amount to a small fraction of an inch. It’ll never be noticed in the finished garment.

Ok. Thank you very much. I'm fairly new to knitting.