Pattern help

I am knitting a v neck sweater and am unsure of how to continue on neckline. I have completed the left side of v and have slipped stitches off stitch holder with right side facing. Pattern reads: with rs facing rejoin yarn to remaining stitches and proceed as follows:- cast off 4 stitches in patt, patt to last 2 stitches, patt 2tog. My question is when rejoining yarn should I be knitting in pattern across the row so that when I proceed it is at the armhole edge and the cast off is at this edge.

If you’ve just finished the left shoulder (left as you would wear the sweater), then the cast off of 4 sts sounds like the center V. Then you pattern across to the last 2 sts and work 2tog at the armhole edge. This decrease at the armhole should mirror a dec at the left side armhole edge.
Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name?

Thank you for your response. I am knitting from a Sirdar pattern. Book is called Baby Bamboo Knits, 323 Code B, and it is Design D, Collared Cable Sweater.

That’s so cute.

Sounds like you may be making the collared version with the 4 cast off sts at the center.

Thanks again. So cast off is normal at centre v - I was unsure if that was what I should be doing. I appreciate your quick response.

Well, many times you’ll put a center stitch on a holder for a true V. Are you making the collared V however? That looks like it has a cast off at the center. The top photo (no collar) on the Ravelry page could be either held sts or a cast off and later pick up sts at the V.

I am making the collared version.

Yes, then that all makes sense. With the RS facing, the cast off is immediately at the center and then you pattern across to the armhole and work 2sts together.
Enjoy finishing this very nice sweater and if this isn’t clear or if you have more questions or you just want to comment, come back. We’d love to see a photo of the finished sweater, too.