Pattern help

pattern says Divide for armholes as follows making a buttonhole on first row------------then K2 yarn forward K2 tog K19 Cast off 4sts K39 including st on needle Cast off 4sts then----Knit to end

what does this mean :??

The k2, yfwd, k2tog makes the buttonhole.

Then you’re knitting 19 across the front of the cardigan. You’re binding off 4 at the armhole, and you’ll have one stitch left from that which is included in the 39 stitch count. So you’ll have 39 st on your needle between the two armholes. Bind off for the second armhole and knit to the end.

hi there, i have just bought my first pattern today for a little summer top. i’m slowly learning what everything means. but i’m wanting to know how i get my tension right?
i’m starting doing the back of the top which i will attempt to do.



Even tension comes with practice.

Do you mean gauge, as in stitches per inch?

Knit up a swatch with the needles and yarn called for in the pattern that’s about 5" x 5 ". Then measure how many stitches you have over four inches.

If you have more stitches than the gauge of the pattern, then you need to go up a needle size. If you have too few stitches, you need to go down a needle size.

hi, i got this pattern for this summer vest, i’m working on the back of it, then the next bit is shaping the waist, do i just got staright into this from doing the back?
it’s my first pattern and it’s my first adventure.



You just follow the directions one after another. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

thanks for that, will have a go at that.
it’s looking pretty good, gorgeous wool.

will be in touch soon, thanks again