Pattern help with YO


This would be my first time doing YO’s. Here’s the pattern:

*SSk, YO, P2, rep from *

*YO, K2tog, P2, rep from *

How would I do this? I thought a YO was done between 2 knit stitches.

A yarn over can be done between knit stitches, between purl stitches, or between knits and purls. As you can see by your pattern it can also be done at the beginning of a row.

So, the first line of your pattern:

SSK (slip, slip, knit) then bring your yarn to the front of your work between the needles, wrap it over the right needle once and then back to the front where you will now purl the next 2 stitches. Make sure that you’ve only made one new loop over the right needle.

YO, K2tog, P2
At the beginning of the row you will bring your yarn forward as though to purl, and when you knit the first two stitches together (the K2tog) you will bring the yarn over the right needle as you do so. This will create the yarn over at the beginning of the row. Then, after your P2 when you go back and repeat starting with the YO once again, from the purl position having just completed the P2 you will take the yarn to the back over the right needle and then K2tog and continue.

Thanks, Knitqueen! I think I get it, now to put it in practice!