Pattern Help with new sweater

Hello fellow knitters…new member here and fairly new beginner! Reading some of the how to questions and answers, everyone seems to be really friendly and helpful. I look forward to coming back to this forum and keeping up with everyone’s projects and questions.

I’m knitting a free pattern posted on Berroco’s website called Adele. I’m knitting the largest size and have completed the back of the garment except for the part of shaping the neck and shoulders and that’s where I’m stuck. I’m familiar with the basic bind off methods but have encountered instructions I don’t understand. Here’s the section:

Shape Shoulders and Neck: Bind off 7(8-9) sts at beg of the next row, work until there are 29(32-35) sts on RH needle, join another ball of yarn and bind off center 22(24-27) sts, work to end. Working both sides at once, bind off 7(8-9) sts at beg of the next 3 rows, then 8(9-10) sts at beg of the next 4 rows. AT THE SAME TIME, bind off 2 sts at each neck edge 3 times.

What has me stumped is the line after binding off the center 27 sts. It says to “work both sides at once”. How the heck do I do that? I’m knitting on circular needles but how do I work both sides? I don’t think it’s telling me to do a 3 needle bind off because I have 7 more rows I’m supposed to knit. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t seem to find anything on how to work both sides at once. And then there’s the last sentence telling me to bind off “at the same time”. That’s something else I’m not familiar with. Can someone translate these instructions in plain english? Thanks in advance if you can help.

At this point, you work this section back and forth, though everything can stay on the needles.

Once you bind off the center stitches, each side will have it’s own strand to work with. For the shoulder shaping, continue to look at the piece as one piece of knitting, so the beginning of the row is always at an outer edge. The neck edges will be on the sides of the bound off stitches. Since they’re calling for binding off there, too, you’ll have to do those bind offs when the edge of the neck is at the beginning of the row.

So on one row, you’ll do the shoulder shaping and work to the end of that half.

Then you’ll bind off at the neck line of the other half and finish that row.

Turn and do the same thing–shoulder of one and neck of the other.

To work both sides at once, it just means to knit one shoulder and then the other with it’s strand, rather than complete one and then start the other.

You’ll do your neck shaping as you’re also doing the outer edge shaping–not in turn.

Wow Ingrid!! Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll give your instructions a try and let you know how I made out. Thanks again!!

Ok, after binding off 9 sts at beg of the next row, I worked until there were 35 sts on RH needle. I joined another ball of yarn and bound off the center 27 sts, then I worked to the end. So now, I’m at the part where I’m supposed to work both sides at once. Both needles have 35 sts.

The next set of instructions say to bind off 9 sts at beg of the next 3 rows. So, does that mean, I bind off 9, then work to the end of the row (which now puts me at the 27 sts bound off earlier for the center), turn, bind off 9, work to the end of the row, turn, bind off 9 and work to the end of the row, (which would put me back at the 27 sts bound off for the center)?

I have 2 problems at this point. One, after binding off 9 sts on 3 rows, the next set of instructions say to bind off 10 sts at beg of the next 4 rows, but at this point I’ll only have 17 sts left. I don’t have enough stiches to bind off 40 sts…10 x 4 = 40. Two, since I’m back at the center with a gap of 27 sts that have been bound off, I now have to jump to the other side, and my working yarn is on the complete opposite needle. I don’t see how I’m supposed to get to my working yarn, so I can start the 9 sts bind off for the next 3 rows.

This may be something I’ll have to take to my local yarn shop and have one of their knitters show me first hand, but I sure would love to be able to figure this out.

Any help is very much appreciated.

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Here’s my idea. I read your question this morning, but didn’t have time to respond–had to think about it, too.

OK. The way it will work out is if you count your first 9-stitch bind off as Number 1–that’s on the one arm edge.

The next 3 will be

  1. the other edge (which it sounds like you’ve already done) 35 st left
  2. the first edge again and
  3. the other edge again. 26 on each side.

Then the 4 10-stitch decreases are really two 10-stitch decreases on each side.

Don’t forget this instruction:

AT THE SAME TIME, bind off 2 sts at each neck edge 3 times

That takes care of the other 6 stitches.

So while you’re binding off at the armhole edges, you’ll also be eliminating 6 stitches from each side of the neck. By the time you’re done with all your decreases and bind offs, you’ve used up all your stitches.

Does that make enough sense?