Pattern help with Heart Lace Washcloth please

I was trying to make the Heart Lace Washcloth, pattern found at
I have seen them made on Ravelry. I was wondering if anyone has used this pattern or if there is a mistake. You start with 43 stitches
and the first row reads

Row 1: K4, *YO, K2tog, K3, YO, K1, YO, K3, SKP, YO, K1; repeat from * to last 3 sts, K3

The second row reads
Row 2: K3, Purl 37, K3

I have 6 stitches to many.

If there is a mistake, I was wondering if someone could give me the
correct one or help me correct the one I have. I was going to make these for teachers for Valentines Day.

Thank you

That should be right - the pattern repeat uses a multiple of 12 (36) plus 7 end sts. check to see that you didn’t do extra YOs or that you passed the slip st over on the SKP.

I’m with Beccabug. You’re right, Suzeeq when you say there only 12 stitches involved in the repeat, but the pattern has you increasing 4 stitches with the YOs while only decreasing 2 with the K2Tog and the SKP. So you end up with 2 more stitches for each repeat (i.e., the YOs). That’s where Beccabug gets her 6 extra stitches.

Maybe someone out there has used this pattern already and has already worked this out? I hope so, because it sounds like a cute pattern and I wouldn’t mind trying it myself!

There is a mistake in the pattern.
All even rolls should read K3, P to end, K3
The first row is correct, you lose the extra stitches in the third row,
when you knit the k4tog. Hope that makes sense.
Thanks spokaloo, for agreeing with me, I thought I was losing it.
I won’t start any new projects so late in the evenings.

I had responded in your other post that I had the same problem after I tried it for you. Thanks for the clarification! It looks like a cute cloth to got with some nice face soap! :think:

Glad you got it figured out. Now I can give it a try!

Whoops. I didn’t think to see if the incs and decs were the same. Nevermind me, I was on day 2 of a headache…

I made this last night. Thanks for the pattern link and corrections. The only thing I would do differently if I made it again, is that after I did the four repeats of the 10 row pattern, I would continue through row 5, and then the four rows of garter. to finish.
I’m not sure I like the finishing top row without the magic row 3 to pull in the heart tops. Might throw off the towel a bit length/width wise, but I think I’d opt for that rather than the top looking unfinished to me.
Cute pattern though, I did it in red cotton.:thumbsup: