Pattern help with DROPS 198-41

I’m brand new to knitting and I’m trying to make potholders for family members for Christmas but I For the life of me canNOT figure out this pattern. Can someone dumb it waayyyyyyyyyyyy down for me? Like you’re telling a five year old how to do it?

Welcome to the forum!
Nice pattern and a good idea for presents.
Have you worked the initial knit rows (this is called garter stitch where every row is knit) and decreased to 26sts? Now knit 2 rows more (this equals one ridge as explained in the pattern note).
There is also a video if you scroll down below the pattern itself for how to knit the waffle stitch.

Now you’re to knit the pattern waffle stitch.
For this use the chart.

Read the lowest row, a right side row, right to left. Repeat (knit into the stitch in the row below, k1) across the row.
Read the next row up, a wrong side row from left to right, (k1, lift the loop or collar around the stitch and knit it together with the stitch on the needle) across the row.
The 3rd row up is read right to left and the 4th, left to right.

What a great-looking potholder! I’m sure your people will love them! DROPS patterns almost always make me want to tear my hair out. They are often extra confusing to me. And just to check–are you using cotton yarn? You can’t use acrylic for potholders–they will melt!