Pattern Help - Stitch Repeat of 14 plus 1

I can’t seem to get the stitch counts on the first few rows of this vest to match up, no matter what I do. I’ve been knitting for 5 years and this is the first time a pattern has given me so much grief.

The pattern begins with a CO of 85 stitches. What’s throwing me is the 'stitch repeat of 14 plus 1’on Row 1. I thought it meant that before the p2, k1 at the end of Row 1 I was supposed to add an extra stitch. But when I do that I am two stitches short on Row 2. I’ve also tried adding 1 stitch every time I do the repeat, but that doesn’t work either! Please advise!
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Is this it? Look at the last two comments in the comments section. The designer responded to a question and I think it may address your issue.

Yes it is!

It’s really curious what is going on with the pattern. A repeat of 14 plus one is telling you that the stitch pattern will have repeats of 14sts and there will be 1 additional stitch. The cast on of 85 sts works out to be (14 x 6) +1 for example. You shouldn’t have to add extra sts not indicated in the pattern.
Have you knit a swatch? The projects on the Ravelry page (thank you, Jan) recommend doing that to get used to the pattern as well as testing gauge. Cast on a multiple of 14 plus 1, for example 29sts for the swatch.
We can’t post large sections of patterns here. Since it’s a paid pattern, you could contact the designer and ask for clarification.
I’ll look at it some more.

The Ravelry comments section did help. According to the designer:

“Row 2 is a partial row… just work the repeat as far as you can and work the selvedge stitch. Will work out fine!”

Frustrating that isn’t explicitly stated in the pattern itself.

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Aha, many thanks for getting back to us. I’m sure there will be more people (like me) confused on that one!
We’d love to see a photo of this vest when you finish. Enjoy knitting it.

Good, glad you got it figured out. I was confused as well which is why I wanted to find the pattern. Ravelry is good for things like this because if you see a problem it’s likely others have something similar. I was actually looking for errata when I came across the comment. :wink:

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