Pattern Help - Sleeves

I’ve tried to post this question twice, but it doesn’t show up in the forum. Desperate for help…Can you help with this please???

I’m up to the sleeves. This pattern has a version 1 (3/4 sleeve) or version 2 (long sleeves). I’m doing v.2, size medium. Here’s the instructions.

I cast on 41 sts for v.2, medium

Inc 1 st each end every foll 9th row, 7(7,8) times (v1) or 9(9,10) times (v2). [57(59,62)sts 63(63,72)
shaping rows (v1) 81(81,90) shaping rows (v2)].

Question: Do I start the 1st increase with 9th row, and continue 8 more times for a total of 9 times? If so, that’s 18 sts, plus 41 c/o, so I would only have 59 sts. Shouldn’t I have 63 sts?

Question: As far as the shaping rows, does this mean I continue to inc each end every 9th row until I have 81 sts?

I’m confused about the number of sts I should have after the 9 increases and the shaping rows.

Hope you can help…Have a great day.

I understand your confusion. Even if you do the next row, and then 9 more times, you still don’t get to 63. I also don’t understand why they don’t just tell you go get to 81 stitches in the first place if you’re supposed to continue increasing every 9 rows. Does it say anything else about shaping the sleeves after you’re supposed to get to 63?? :thinking:

I’m sorry I’m not helping much here, but it is confusing, and I’m usually pretty good at figuring these things out.

Is there a link to the pattern? Or what book is it from? You can try going to the site of the publisher of the book and see if there are any errata posted.

Thank you for your response. The pattern is from Ella Rae designs book, Book One, KFI Yarns (Atacama yarn patterns).

I wrote the instructions just like they are given…after the shaping rows it says to cont working straight until length measures…

What if…I should have 59 sts (41 c/o + 18 sts increased) and those numbers [57(59,62)] are for both versions! Then the 63(63,72) shaping rows would be for v1 and the 81(81,90) would be for v2? Then it would make sense. Because for example, v1 you c/o 45 sts for medium, and inc 7 times (14 sts +45=59).

Let me know what you think. If I increase to 81 sts, do you think it would still be every 9th row?

Thanks so much…Love you guys.

You know, that makes sense. You would stop the 3/4 sleeves, but the v2 sleeves would have to continue. So the v1 sleeves stop at 63, but the v2 sleeves continue to 81. I’d just continue every 9th row to 81.

I’m going to try it this way and increase to 81 sts. Thanks so much for your input!!! Enjoy your evening.