Pattern help Sirdar 10197

Really hoping someone can help.
I’m knitting the body of a sweater which has a pattern running through it which consists of 12 rows. At the start of every knit row it begins with 17 knit stitches. I’m beginning to shape the armholes and the pattern reads ‘k2, k2tog, patt to last…’. I’m confused as I’m not sure if i incorporate the K2, k2tog into the 17 stitches or I start the 17 stitches after the k2tog. If I do the latter I’m concerned it will make the pattern going up the sweater crooked as it always starts 17 stitches in.
This pattern is a lot more tricky than I’m used to so any help would be really appreciated, thanks in advance :blush:

The k2, k2tog takes up 4 of your 17 stitches. When you do the pattern keep everything in line imagining a central line and maybe you can also look at the pattern that has developed and will know which stitch should line up with the previous row.
At the end of the row there are probably some decreases on the other side (end of row or beginning next row) so each time you need to think about how many of your 17 knits have been decreased or look carefully to keep the repeat pattern central as it was previously.

Hope this helps


Really helpful.
Thanks so much!

You’re welcome.
I hope it works out well for you.