Pattern help request rant


Yeah, I think more coffee might be a good idea.

I say, Lady in PJ’s, if you don’t like those kinds of posts, [B]then don’t read 'em[/B]! But as for telling people to stop doing all these things that irritate [U]you[/U], umm . . . . well, that [I]is[/I] what parts of this site are for!!!

So, uhhhh, yeah, skip those threads! Then the folks who want to tackle a big project can, and you don’t have to read about it!! It’s a win-win situation!


Ecigs? I’ve wondered how they work. I only smoke outside so that automatically cuts me back some. Yeah, get another cuppa. Or maybe :clink: if it’s not too early. Is it too cold for a walk? Make a yarn run?

I understand what you’re saying. I bit off too much when I started, but in my own defense I did look and look and look before I asked for help finding a pattern. Being me, I do my best to research and find answers before asking. Still, I’m sure most of my questions seem like I should do a bit of thinking on my own. I’ve marveled more than once that people can answer the same questions over and over again, patiently. When I posted for help, you were one of the ones that responded and kept me going. You posted a link to a pattern generator, a bit beyond me at that time but something I stored away for future reference. You’ve helped me many times since. Thank you.

Antares is right you can skip the threads. You can also rant a bit. Hope you’re feeling better about it all soon.


Yes, [I]please[/I] skip those threads if they bother you. We want to keep this forum helpful and friendly to everyone of all levels and that’s the feeling we want to convey.

If you’re a new knitter you don’t always know the words to search with to get what you need. Looking up “sweater pattern” really isn’t going to help. In here we can help them narrow down what they want and offer suggestions. Sometimes they are just looking for ideas or a friendly ear. Having a place where you can ask your questions and get multiple answers is extremely helpful. Sometimes you just need to hear or read it a different way to have it make sense.

I know. I remember what it was like being a new knitter and having to learn a whole new language (knitting) and having your work not come out like you think it should. The members here were helpful and friendly and made me the knitter I am today.

Forgot to mention that if you just want a forum that is strictly knitting chit-chat, you might check some of the threads on Ravelry. It seems as though they have lots of variety there, and one of those might interest you more than the help requests here.

But this [I]is[/I] after all, and help is the number one reason why people come here.

:thumbsup: “a friendly ear” is right, Jan! I’ve looked at a lot of sites and forums in the past several YEARS - knitting and otherwise - but was never tempted to join one till KH. I looked through KH’s forums a LOT before I took the plunge. It was seeing so many posts and friendly answers and chat that made me want to be a part of this group. I’d been using KH and other knitting sites to re-learn the basics, but it was the personal contact with other knitters, to learn from and share things with that I really wanted.