Pattern help.....(quick question lol)

Hi guys! Remember me!!? Well I am starting on my next project. It’s
In the instructions it says

Fancy Rib Stitch Patter (multiple of five sts)I am not quite sure what that means…

I’m going to cast on all these stitches and then come back and check here!

[color=indigo]The rib stitch pattern requires your cast on to be a multiple of five… 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. It takes five sts to do the stitch pattern. So if you are doing a gauge swatch and determine your cast on to be X number of sts, add or subtract enough sts to insure your cast on has a multiple of 5. [/color]

Ok… :shrug: that went over my head…let me read that ONCE more…

ok, it tells me to cast on 220 stitches…for the BODY…
then it says fancy rib stitch pattern (mulitple of 5 sts)

Rnd1: p1, *(k1tbl) three times, p2, rep from * to last 4 sts, k3, p1
Then it says rep rnds 1-4 for pattern


It looks like you’ll be working 215 stitches in the ribbing pattern and the other 5 create a neat edging/finishing off the ribbing. You’ll repeat the (k1tbl) three times, p2 rep from 43 times.

Does that helpe any more? :shrug:

:wall: No. lol. When you say 215 stitches, what exactly does that mean??? that is throwing me off…

In the pattern you are casting on a total of 220 stitches…

Then, the round reads…

Rnd1: [color=blue]p1[/color], [color=red]*(k1tbl) three times, p2, rep from *[/color] to last 4 sts, [color=blue]k3, p1 [/color]

The stitches in [color=blue]blue[/color] are 5 stitches that are not worked in the pattern.

The stitches in [color=red]red[/color] are the stitches worked in the pattern.

There are 5 stitches in blue so if you take the 220 cast on stitches and subtract 5 you are left with 215 stitches that are worked in the ribbing pattern.

Any better?

So am I just working the pattern as it is written?? Not PHYSICALLY having to do ANYTHING else???

Just follow the pattern. She was only pointing out that if you want to do a gauge swatch the pattern stitch is a multiple of 5 stitches. Though without the next row, I can’t see that the first st and the last four are part of the edging since they’re not an equal number, but they take up 5 sts as well. They may be part of the pattern on the next rows. If you want to make a gauge swatch, CO about 25, and follow the pattern for a few inches.


lol, ok thanks!!! tee hee, now i get it.