Pattern HELP - PM and SM should match?

I cannot figure this out…the odd rows have me placing 4 markers, but the even rows only have me slipping 2 of them. Do i just automatically slip the other 2? If so, why wouldn’t it say so in the first place?

Row 1: K2, [B]PM[/B], YO, K1, YO, [B]PM[/B], K1 (center st), [B]PM[/B], YO, K1, YO, [B]PM[/B], K2 (11 sts)
Row 2 and all even rows: K2, [B]SM[/B], purl to last 2 sts, [B]SM[/B], K2

Am i missing something? I just keep staring at it thinking it will make sense?

Welcome to KH!
Only the 2 edge markers are noted in row 2 because the directions are to purl all sts between those two markers. Yes, slip the additional markers as you purl across the row.

Patterns try to be concise to save space and may not be explicit about each step. Sometimes the resulting directions aren’t as clear as you might wish.

Thank you! That’s what I figured but I wanted to be sure before I started.
Much appreciated!