Pattern help plz

hey could anyone give me a difficulty level for this PATTERN

Shouldn’t be too difficult. The needle sizes - 10 and 12 - are UK sizing and equate to US sizes of 2 and 3. Very small gauge, you need thin yarn to get 6.5 sts/inch.

hmm idk if i could handle that. haha

is there another way to do it with a larger gauge or is there another vest that would be easier that you know of?

Certainly you could do it with larger needles. Though there’s a lot of math involved since it only gives one size. What drew you to this one in particular? If it’s the details, I’m sure you can find a few that are similar.

I’ve never made a garmet before and I really like those type vests. Im just looking for a really easy vest to make.

Ahhh, then start with Lion’s website and

whats Lion’s website?


ah thank you much!