Pattern help, pleeease?

Hey all… :muah:
I’m having trouble with this line of the chart. I must not understand it, because I don’t know why you would do this. As follows…

 Sl 2. Place slipped stitches back on left needle. K3tog tbl.

In case I’ve left out any info, this is a line in the Pomatomus sock pattern by Cookie A on

Thanks guys!!


You’re doing that to make a decrease. You probably don’t have to slip the stitches to the other needle, you could k3tog through the back loop, not as you normally would k2tog through the front loop. It’s to make a left leaning decrease and is similar to SSK.


Thanks Sue. Another member said to slip as if to knit (twist stitch). I thought you were always supposed to slip as if to purl unless stated. So that’s why I was confused.


If it’s for a decrease stitch, you slip kwise. The always slip pwise is for starting a row, and if there’s a slip stitch in the pattern that’s not part of a decrease.


No you’re right, the rule is normally always slip purlwise with 2 exceptions
1-unless the pattern says do it kwise
2-unless the slipped stitch is going to be passed over/dropped off a couple of stitches later, like sl1, k1, psso.
It should have been specified in the pattern. But in this case where they are being put straight back onto the first needle it can only mean kwise.