Pattern help, please

Hi. I am new to this forum and I would like to ask a question hopefully someone can answer. I would like to start knitting a pattern called snowflake eyelet that I got out of a book I purchased. It is for a baby afghan but I want to enlarge it. It is in a book called Our Best Knit Baby Afghans, Book 2 on page 48. The pattern requires you to cast on 175 sts and I know that the pattern is in 52 sts and it will work out to cast on 383 sts. My question is I’m not sure if I cast on 383 sts if the snowflake squares pictured will come out right when looking at the finished afghan? Row 2 of this pattern has me very confused whether it will look right with the afghan completed.

I can type the pattern for these rows out here but I thought maybe someone has made this afghan or maybe someone has the book and could tell me.
Thank you for any help!

What multiple does the pattern give you? That’ll help determine how many sts to cast on. If you stick to that your individual squares should be fine.

Hi Salmonmac, yes, that is the afghan I would like to make! What I am wondering is if I make it larger as I said, 383 sts, on row 2 do I just continue to repeat the directions where it says 4 times do I just go all the way to the end of my row, 383 sts minus the last 11 of which I knit? I’m pretty knew to knitting and there isn’t a knitting store anywhere around me to ask for help.

It looks like 3 repeats plus the edge sts in the pattern as written. I don’t have the book, just going by the photos. So just cast on enough sts to give you however many repeats of the blocks you want, plus the interior dividers and the edges.
Does the pattern not give multiples? Something like 45st + x?

I’m pretty sure I just repeat it across to the last sts. Another question I have is in the pattern it says to repeat rows 2-125 for rows 126-303, then repeat rows 2-55 once more. Since I’m making it wider I will also be making it longer, so when I finish up these rows as I said above, do I start all over at row 1 or 2 or which row to make it longer?

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it very much.

Start over at row 2 and finish a tier of blocks. If you think you need another tier, then continue on with another set.
Should be lovely.

Salmonmac, thank you for your help. I’m excited to get started now.