Pattern help please

Hi everyone

I am very new to knitting and have just been trying to teach myself with the help of youtube videos. I’ve been knitting a hat for my baby due in September, I thought it was all going well until I came across a line in the pattern and now I’m completely stuck! I’m hoping someone may be able to advise please!

I’m knitting a striped ribbed hat using the attached pattern. I’m up to the heading ‘Shape Crown’ and straight after the 1st row under this heading it says ‘work 5 rows in patt’ (before then going on to 7th row).
I’m not sure which patt it means?? Does it mean repeat this same 1st row 5 times using the usual colour sequence, or does it mean carry on back with the original patt I was originally doing at the start of the whole pattern?

Sorry if this seems a silly question, I just want to make sure I get it right as I wouldn’t have a clue how to correct any mistakes!

Thank you very much in advance,i look forward to your replies.

Good question and it sounds like a great hat.
You ended the pattern with a RS (right side) row, a knit row. The first dec row is worked on the WS row. Continue the next 5 rows with the original pattern, that is:knit a row, then
sl1, p1, *k1B p1, rep from * to the last stitch, k1.

Perfect! Thank you, that makes sense now. Thanks for rescuing the hat!!