Pattern help! please


My nan taught me to knit when I was young - just the knit one, purl one type thing, and I would like to start knitting for my own children. Dolly scarves, pot holders, basic bunnies that type of thing. All practical, no patterns etc.

So I am going to have to ask some basic questions; so sorry! Most of it is just assurance.

I have picked up a vintage pattern, I would think 1950’s (British) and am using that, for a cable caridgan with a nice big collar for my son. No problem on all the old and new size needles, I have figured that bit out.

For the back it says ‘cast on for 72 sts’ so I guess that means I do 72 stitches when I cast on.
‘work in k, 1, p, 1, rib for 2 inches, ending in wrong side’. Originally I was thinking what the bloomin’ hell is a rib stitch, but I figure that it’s referring to the rib effect that the knit one purl one will create? And I understand that wrong side means finish on a recessive bit of the rib, not the protruding bit of the rib.

If I get this right, then I’ll understand all the rest of the pattern for the back. (I’m not going to start thinking about the front yet . . . :wink: )

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I’ve got it wrong tell me please.

Many thanks

Yes - the k1, p1 repeated across will make a rib stitch and you’ll do it over the 72 stitches you cast on until it reaches 2" in length from the cast on.

Wrong side refers to the inside of the sweater as opposed to the outside (right side). So sides of the piece of fabric, not the ends of the rows.

The wrong side bit is irrelevant for the ribbing, as it will be the same on both sides of the fabric. But other stitch patterns or cables won’t. Work the ribbing to the length you need, then designate the last side you work on as the wrong side and start into the body stitch pattern.

OK, that makes sense. I’ll be working on the inside of it then essentially from the next section of the pattern. OK cool ta x