Pattern help please?

Hello everyone,

This is probably (hopefully) a silly question with an obvious answer. I am knitting a doll skirt from the stickatillbarbie site. Here is the pattern:

Cast on 28 sts and work rib st, K 1, P 1, for 3 rows. (Waist)

Continue with stockinette st and increase to 39 sts on first row:

Continue until whole piece measures 3 cm.

Cast on 14 new sts at the beginning of next row and work:
Row 1: 14 sts rib st (K1, P 1), K 2 tog, turn
Varv 2: Slip 1 st, rib st throughout row
Varv 3: 7 sts rib st ( K 1, P 1) turn
Varv 4: Slip 1 st, rib st throughout row
Repeat these 4 rows until all the sts are knitted.

Cast off and sew up back seam.

My confusion is with the cast on 14 stitches. In following the pattern I ended up going back and forth on just those stitches. At what point do I continue on my pre-existing work?

Hope someone can help me, thanks!


Can you link to your pattern, please? It looks like you’re doing short rows

ETA I think I found the site but it won’t let me look unless I register so I can’t look at anything there. sigh

Thanks for replying. That is the complete pattern. It’s very tiny- Barbie-doll sized. I don’t have a link because it’s a downloaded pdf, but it’s from the Bratz doll section of

Assumption: Varv mean row

It looks like every other row you are to work all the way across all the stitches. I wish I knew what it’s supposed to look like, I can’t picture it. Someone else will be able to do more to help, I’m sure.

Using your link I can look at pictures. Which one are you doing?

It’s number 15, “blue skirt and top”. Thanks so much for this!


When I right click on the image and select “view image” it takes me there. Another option is “copy image location” which will give me the URL.

That was hard to understand, so don’t feel silly!

You have knitted the body of the skirt. Those 14 stitches are going to become the ruffle that goes sideways around the bottom. You cast on 14, then knit two together at the skirt end of the row–in other words, using up a stitch from the skirt. You work short rows to make this part stick out (if you didn’t, you’d have a straight bottom on the skirt.) You use up one stitch for every four-row repeat and thus hem the dress at the same time you’re making the decorative part. So you’ll–
–cast on 14, rib down to the last one, knit two together
–turn and work all the way back to the first new stitch
–rib seven
–rib back to the first new stitch
–rib back toward the skirt body and knit off another stitch…

It does make sense, it’s just very hard to visualize.

Thank you so much! I see now and it is a fun little pattern! I’m not used to knitting this kind of thing so that was really helpful. Thanks again!