Pattern help please?

Hi, although I have an extremely simple cowl pattern…I am stumped!

Here are the instructions (I have also attached the PDF so you can see what its supposed to look like):

On US 17 needles, cast on 45 stitches. Join for knitting in the round, giving the first stitch one full twist. Begin seed stitch *K1, P1, repeat from * until cowl reaches 9 inches or desired length. Bind off all stitches as if to knit.”

The problem is the “giving the first st one full twist”…I thought I did that, however as I progress I just seem to be knitting a seed stitch tube - versus what the pattern looks like (twisted collar)…
am i to be twisting the first st each round?

if you twist only the 1st stitch, you end up with a moebius… a spiral that swirls into itself, with no right or wrong sides. it’s what we usually try to avoid for most projects, but it’s absolutely what you want for this one. some video resources for how to do this can be found at

It makes a twisted tube. This cast on cannot produce a Moebius. A Moebius cast on results in one edge that is worked. There will be one edge to bind off and the cast on will be in the middle of the rounds and worked on both sides; there is no exposed cast on edge. Twisting the cast on is a great way to make a twisted cowl but a Moebius it isn’t.

well, my mistake - apologies to abbey16… i was going off of patterns like this: and - that call themselves ‘moebius’ but in the instructions only have the one twisted stitch, NOT an actual moebius cast-on. now i know better, that the terms aren’t interchangeable even tho they get used that way. thanks! :wink:

I apologize. I should have been more tactful in what I wrote and I’m sorry I wasn’t. I’m low on tact and really irked that this is promoted as a Moebius when in fact it isn’t. I tried the Moebius cast on and it just fascinates me no end. Seeing how it works is incredible. It is magical…and it happens automagically… :teehee:

no no – really am glad you said something as i’ve just seen moebius and twisted as the same thing with no idea there was a specific moebius cast-on. cat bordhi’s seems to be the most popular, but i’m sure there are others. go on about your evening, no worries! :wink:

I thought you’d want to know, but I was rather abrupt. Anyhow, for educational purposes I like the Planet Purl Moebius cast on video the best. Whichever one you prefer to learn from when you get there, you’ll almost certainly be fascinated when you see it happen.

See if this video for circular knitting helps. You need to introduce a twist into the first row of knitting. Amy lines up the sts and at about a third of the way through the video she introduces a twist into the sts on the right hand needle, to show you what not to do. But in your case, it’s what you want to do.

Only twist the sts around once though.

Yes, it’s different from moebius knitting which actually knits from the center out. This is knitting from the bottom edge although with a twist.

You were both very helpful, now I know 2 different methods ! And GG you were not at all abrupt from my perspective - thanks both! :muah: