Pattern help please?

Hello, I am stuck with this pattern - specifically below in quotations, where it says to M.1 - I don’t know how many increases I am to do, also it doesn’t make sense how at this point I have 216 st on the needle, and end up at 104…when M.1 means I am increasing, not decreasing?? Also not sure how that chart for M.1 works…

[I]“On the next row dec 30 sts evenly = 216 sts – NB: Do not dec over the outer most 3 garter sts each side. Now continue with M.1 with 3 sts of garter sts each side. At the same time when the piece measures 12 cm knit the next row as follows: K3, make a yo and K2 tog., repeat from - and finish with K3. Remember to cast off for the button holes – see explanation above. After M.1 = 104 sts remaining. Knit 4 cm in garter sts.[/I]”

Very pretty capelet.
The chart that you’re to follow next is called M.1. So no increases at this point. You start the chart at the bottom right with a k2tog then knit 13sts and repeat the chart (k2tog, k13). There are 14 repeats of row 1 of the chart, You’ll start with 216 and there are 8 decreases in each repeat which will bring you to 104sts. Remember that the first and last 3sts are garter stitch and aren’t on the chart and remember to make the buttonholes at the proper measurement.

Ok, how do you get there are 14 repeats of row 1? (just so I can understand how to read the chart).
I gather i read the chart bottom to top, right to left?

Sure thing. You have 216sts and 3 on each end are in garter stitch so that leaves 210sts for the chart. The chart shows 15sts and 210 divided by 15 is 14 so there must be 14 repeats of the chart.
It probably doesn’t matter for this chart but usually read right side chart rows right to left and wrong side rows left to right.

Thanks - you have helped me several times on different patterns, I really do appreciate it!! :muah: