Pattern help please?

I don’t understand the instructions underlined below…please help?

At front: bind off 2-2-3-3-3 sts, and then bind off every other row: 1 st 9-10-11-12-12 times, 2 sts 3-3-3-3-4 times, 3 sts 3 times and 4 sts 1 time.
At back: inc every other row: 3 sts 1 time and 1 st 2 times, then every 4th row: 1 st 4 times.
After all shaping is complete = 39-40-42-43-45 sts.
[U]When the piece measures 17-18-19-20-21 cm put 5 sts on a st holder from lower edge of back toward neck edge of back on every other row 6 times = 9-10-12-13-15 sts remain on needles.[/U]
The shrug is now at center back.


What pattern are you doing? Can you please give us a link to it.

Maybe this pattern:
At this point you’re almost at the center back and you’re going to hold 30sts (for size small) in groups of 5sts in order to shape the back. After this step the next directions are to put these sts back onto the working needle again every other row in sets of 5sts.
So, knit to 5sts from the lower back edge (with the RS facing that’s on the left needle), put those 5sts on a holder or waste yarn, turn and purl to the neck edge. Repeat this 5 more times until you have 9sts remaining on the working needle (again this is for the small size).
You can see how this shapes the back, narrower toward the waist and broader at the neck in this project.

Yes that is the pattern :slight_smile:
Sorry, I am a dumb-dumb, I don’t understand which 5 st I putting on the stitch holder, and what to do with the rest? I am making size large, so I have 42 st at this point.

Thanks again!

It’s a good question and kudos to you for getting this far in the pattern.
OK, you have 42sts on the needle and you’ve knit till the piece measure 19cm. With the right side facing, the knit side, knit across 37sts. Place the next 5 unworked sts on the left needle onto a stitch holder or waste yarn. Turn the knitting to the purl side and purl back on the 37sts, turn. Knit 32sts and place the next 5sts on a holder, turn and purl back on the 32sts. Keep going like this until you only have 12sts on the needle and 30sts are on holders.

Ahhh ok, boy they do not make that clear in the pattern! Thank you very much for helping!! The kindness of strangers never fails to amaze me :slight_smile:

Yes, the Drops patterns are translations and I think that in trying to be very precise, they sometimes over write the directions. A drawing would help enormously with some of these directions.
Glad you’re on your way again. Enjoy the rest of the knitting.

Uhoh I am stuck on the next part - same pattern (sorry!):

[U]“When sts are put back on needles pick up 1 st between the last st on needle and the first st on st holder, K this picked up st tog with 1st st on st holder.[/U]” This will prevent a hole.

What am I picking up and where? I tried picking up the loop between the 2 st but it does leave a hole…

You’re right to try picking up the stitch between the working needle and the holder. Have you tried picking up the strand between the two sts and knitting it through the back loop together with the next stitch? I did notice on some of the Ravelry projects that you can see the join for the held sts.

yes but it does leave a hole… :frowning:

I can see a jog or hole here in this project on Ravelry.
There are two possibilities, knit the picked up stitch tbl and p2tog on the next row or do this over and use short rows instead of placing the sts on holders. You can do wrap and turn if that’s what you prefer or try German short rows which is easier for me.

Thanks, I will try that!