Pattern help please!

Hi there,

I am quite a new knitter and have just started doing this pattern. It is more complicated than anything I have done so far. I am mainly stuck on the part where it says YO and sl1wyib - I know what these mean but am confused how I do the yarn over after the k2 so that the yarn is then at the back for doing the next knit stitch? The yarn seems to always end up at the front after a YO?

I did the first 5 rows or so and then the knit looked very holey which i didnt think was right!

Any advice you can give me would be great - thank you!

She does k2tog instead of p2tog but otherwise this is what you want to do. You can look up how to do yo’s on youtube also. Yarn Over 101 on the same page covers just about everything.

When you do a yarn over between knit sts (k48, yo, sl1wyib, k2tog for example) the yarn come to the front between the needles, that’s true but to complete the yarn over, you must bring the yarn to the back. There’s really nothing to anchor the yarn over yet until you do the k2tog but technically, the yarn is held over the right needle and to the back.