Pattern Help Please

I am currently working on the left front of a sweater and am one the shaping neck part. I’m not sure whet the following means:

Work 32 rows dec 1 st at neck edge in 5th and every foll 6th row.

what is every foll 6th row?

Any advice is much appreciated. I have knit quite a bit but have never heard the term “foll”.

Counting the next row after your 1st dec row (row 33) as 1, you will decrease on the 6th row (row 38). Start the count again and decrease on row 44, then every 6th row after.

Thanks Grumpy Grandma but I don’t think I understand because it says to work 32 rows. You have me going beyond 32. What do I do for the first 32 rows and why would I go beyond 32? Confused.

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
The instructions are a bit ambiguous. I’d go with
"Work 32 rows [I]decreasing [/I]1 st at neck edge in 5th and every foll 6th row."
You’d do the decreases while working the next 32 rows.
So you would decrease on row 5 and then rows 11,17, 23, and 29.
Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name?

Thanks for the reply! I got a photocopy of the pattern at a yarn shop where I bought the yarn. They aren’t around any longer. Here’s a link to a picture of the sweater. it is pattern# 9074

Yes, work the decreases as you knit the next 32 rows. Looks like that’ll bring you to the armholes, judging from the row gauge and the schematic. Gorgeous sweater! Good luck with it.

Thanks so much!