Pattern help please

I am knitting a comfy shrug and do not understand what they want me to do in round 7. It says-

Round 7: P2, k3, [p4, k3] around to last 2 sts, p2.
Repeat last round for 3 (4, 5, 6) times more.
Repeat last 4 (5, 6, 7) rnds once more.

The repeat part is confusing me. Do I include the times I repeated round 7 or do I do just the last 5 rounds? Hopefully some one can explain it so I understand. This is the comfy shrug from red heart. Thank you in advance

Sorry, it is the 2nd repeat that I dont understand.

Well, you first repeat round 7 3 (for example) times. Than repeat the last 4 rounds - i.e. 4 rounds similar to 7 - once more.
Which means, in short, do round 7 8 times in all, if you are making the smallest size, or 6+1 = 7 times - for the second, or 7+1=8 times round 7 - for the biggest size.

Pattern link-

Repeat last round means repeat round 7. The numbers 3(4 5 6) are the number of times for your size. So if you’re making a medium you’d repeat round 7 four times.

What is confusing is that if they wanted me to repeat just round 7 four more times why didnt they just add that number into the first repeat? instead of saying repeat twice.

It’s probably worded the way it is to take account of the different number of times you do it depending on the size.

That makes sense. But it sure had my head spinning, lol. Thanks

Now woner your head was spinning! Unless there’s something else going on later in the pattern, they could have just said:
Round 7 P2, k3, [p4, k3] around to last 2 sts, p2.
Repeat last round for 7(9, 11, 13) times more.

Thank you, that is what I thought so it made me question if I had to do something else, lol

Thanks for translating that clunky way of writing it. It was beyond my brain today. It’s firing a couple cylinders off…