Pattern help please!

I want to make a “knitted hair do” for a plastic doll i have, and all i can find on the internet is this pattern… it’s for a human. i was wondering if anyone has the know how and patients to help change it to fit the plastic doll? Or if anyone has a “knitted hair do” pattern for dolls already would they be willing to share??? Please help me I’m extremely new at knitting!! Thank you XD

here is the pattern

thank you!!!

You could use really thin yarn and small needles, andcut down the sts and rows by half. Instead of a k2 p2 rib, do a k1 p1. Depends on the size of the doll head.

Or maybe a snug hat pattern and modify it. Something like this hat
though you didn’t say what size your doll & it’s head are.

For some reason this made me giggle… I think it’s the image of me measuring a doll head in my head… hehe

I was thinking a you could modify a hat pattern too - maybe cast on 3/4 of the sts for a doll hat, knit flat for a bit then cast on the remaining sts and join in the round to finish the hat.

That pink hair do hat is hysterical! I better not let me 5 yr old see it or she will definitely want one! If it’s pink, she’s got to have it!

Good luck working it out for the doll. I think the above suggestions are good ones. A little trial and error and you’ll get it.


I agree with trial and error - when you are trying something new you have to be prepared to redo a few times until you can see how things are shaping up.