Pattern help please

I’m working on a sweater for my little boy and Ingrid has already been so kind as to help me once. I have a new question though that probably has an obvious answer I’m just not seeing.
Right before I am to bind off, the pattern says:
“Work 2 rows st st”

Would that be one row knit, one row purl? Does that equal 2 rows st st?

Or do I have to do that twice ~ 1st row k, 2nd p, 3rd k, 4th p to equal 2 rows of st?

I feel silly asking as I think I might just be overthinking the whole thing. I hope it’s at least obvious as to why I’m confused. :oops:

You’re right, it’s one row of each! :wink:

Thank you Ingrid. My husband was trying to help ~ that was getting scary!

:shock: If I got help around here, I’d have been told to knit a few extra–Just to make sure it’s strong enough.


He kept insisting “1 row of stockinette stitch is actually 2 rows, therefore, you need 4 rows all together to equal 2 rows of stockinette stitch.” My brain is tired so I was getting so confused.
I said, “Let me go ask Ingrid before I do anything!”

If he gives you an argument, send him to me! :sunglasses:

He better just wait until the next game he watches! I’m going to insist I know all about the innings and whatnot. :rofling:
Thanks again ~ I got that piece completely finished. Now, 2 sleeves and the front panel to go and we’ll have a sweater! Let’s pray it fits my son…someone is wearing this sweater though, so if it doesn’t fit Elijah my cat had better run!!

Heeere Kitty, Kitty!