Pattern help please!

Hello everyone,

I am getting ready to embark on the Dollar and a Half Cardigan from the Spring 2007 Interweave Knits. I am making this for a co-worker so I really want it to turn out nice. The problem is, as I have been reading through the instructions, I am having trouble understanding something in the lace pattern. In the note it says “Stitch count changes from row to row. If worked exactly as below, every round 7 would increase the overall stitch count by 1 st. Sweater part calls for working specific rows in a sequence that prevents any such change in st count (see body patt section of back).”

I have read this over and over, and looked over the whole pattern, and I just don’t get what it means. Can anyone clue me in?

Thank you!

In some lace patterns, you add or dec sts in the st pattern that aren’t equal so you won’t have the same number of them on every row. This note is just telling you not to expect the same st count on each row. If you just follow the pattern st by st and row by row it will come out fine.