Pattern help please

I’ve started this pattern (click on “Happy Hat” below the picture for the .pdf file) and I’m ready to start the face part in yellow. Since Intarsia in the round is a PITA to begin with, I’m going to assume that since I will be knitting/purling back and forth (vs. in the round) that I will have to YO at the beginning of a new round and k2tog(p2tog) at the end of the round that will include the YO. ACK! I’m not even going to start the new color until the masters here either call me a dumb cluck or give me the green light to go. :roflhard:

:zombie: ummmm, hmmmm, well… hmmmmm???:slight_smile:
I looked at the pattern n I can’t find any yo’s anywhere hun?!?:think:
But that aside n all. If you are going to be knitting on the flat instead of the round. Ya’ll need to have a decrease on each end (to give it that rounded shape). So you would mirror the decreases. The rest of the decreases you would do as normal but you need to have one at the beginning and end.:knitting: I would also add two more stitches to your cast on stitches for selvedge or seam allowances. That way you could do the decreases inside the selvedge and have a nice clean edge to stitch together.
Your extra stitches would be worked like this: k1, work the chart, k1, turn.
k1, work the ws ,k1, turn. etc… decreases would be worked thusly, k1, *skp, k?. repeat from * to last 3 sts, skp,k1.
On the plain rows or rounds just do the k1, work the hat, k1.:guyknitting:

fibrenut’s right, there’s no YOs in there or even any increases that I can find. Follow her instructions and you should be good.

Thanks very much to both of you but I’ve probably confused you as much as I’ve confused myself. Even though the hat will stay on the circular, once the color change rows start, instead of knitting around and around, I would knit one row and turn then purl and turn, etc. But, as I mentally work this, the work still has to join at the marker, otherwise there would be a big gap. I know there aren’t any YO’s/dec’s in the pattern itself but my brain is still trying to figure out how to keep the pattern in the round while k, turn and p, turn.
I think my lack of sleep has made me fuzzier than normal. :doh:

Sooooo, let me see if I’m getting this right…
You are knitting on cirx flat… no prob there, ya just turn at the end of the round (where the marker would usually be) and go back. Or… are you knitting in the round to the colorwork, then knitting back n forth, then going back to in the round?
:knitting: :think: If you are doing the latter, then you would just knit your brim in the round, then knit n purl back n forth til you got your colorwork done, rejoin in the round and do the decreases. Then when you are done just sew up the seam where the colorwork was. Using an invisible flat type seam of course.:figureditout: :clink: :knitting: K, now if you want it to “look” like you’ve knit it in the round but turn every row for the colorwork, just knit the first stitch off the next needle, place it back on the left needle and turn your work purl across doing your pattern n stuff, get to the end of the row and purl that first stitch on the next needle, place it back on the needle it came from, turn and continue that til you’ve done your colorwork, then after that just continue in the round normally. essentially, what you are doing is knitting or purling the first stitch or last stitch as it were for a type of braided join type thing. It won’t look like a braid but think of it that way.

:roflhard: Just wanted to add… Nah, yer brain ain’t fuzzy, just sometimes we all need a fresh pair of eyes to see something we’re missing. :thumbsup: :whistle:

By golly, I think we’re starting to sing on the same page. LMAO!! The way I’m reading the pattern, when I start the color change rows, that’s where I knit one row, turn, purl one row, etc., ad nauseum. So, what you’re saying (I think) is the gap will be normal and it will continue until the color changes are finished. Then I would continue knitting in the round for the remainder of the hat then seam up the gap and shout HOT DAMN (or something like that)!!

WOOHOOOOO!!! SHAAAZAAAAAAMMM!!! Methinks ya gots it!!!:woot: :clink: :happydance:

Alrighty, then! There is still hope for this old skull full of mush. :roflhard:

Thank you very much for taking the time to clear out the fuzziness. :muah: