Pattern help, please

So, I’m working on a pair of armwarmers from a Bernat pattern. I’m about to start into the ribbing on the other end and I’m a bit confused.

It was 3x2 ribbing, then stocking stitch, then back to 3x2. So, it wants my right side to be facing me as I start my ribbing, but when I went from ribbing to stocking, I made sure that the purl stitch was the next row I’d start. So, why am I starting the ribbing that has a purl at the beginning on the row that would be normal knitting?

And then, I don’t understand the part that says “cast off in pattern”. My mother doesn’t understand it either. What pattern are we talking about? The exact piece says:

“Rep 1st and 2nd rows of (K3, P2) ribbing until work from beg measures 13 ins, ending with RS facing for next row. Cast off in pat.”

How does one cast off in a pattern?

…and why do I see that the other armwarmer is going to look beautiful and this one will be super shoddy in comparison? XD

The cast off is only the part where you bring the first stitch over the second stitch; otherwise you’re just knitting another row. The pattern is the 3x2 ribbing, so you would k2, BO 1 st, k1, BO, p1, BO, p1, BO, k1, BO, etc.

As for starting up the ribbing again, If you did the beginning ribbing as p2, k3, then do the end ribbing to match. Or you may need to purl another row then k3, p2. Or I don’t understand quite what you’re asking…

I was unclear on your first issue with the ribbing too. Suzi has given a good answer on the bind off in pattern. Another way to think about it is that as you bind off work each stitch as it appears. IOW if it is a knit, knit it. If it is a purl, purl it.

Sorry about the confusion.

For the pattern on the ribbing, it says:

Row one P1, *K3, P2, Rep from * to last 4 sts, K3, P1
Row two K1, *P3, K2, Rep from * to last 4 sts, P3, K1

Last time I was confused about what the wrong side and what the right side looked like, someone told me to make sure that whichever row would be the one I -should- be doing next start with the same kind of stitch as that row. So start the purl row when I would start with row one.

Now, it tells me to have my right side facing me, but start row one, so I’m starting with a purl on the row I’d knit?

Yes, generally the odd numbered rows are the RS, so just follow the pattern.