Pattern Help, please!

I’m doing a “decrease row”. I’m starting with 80 stitches. Directions say:
[k2tog,yf,skpo] 20 times. After completing this, I should have 60 stitches. I do not. I have 40. What’s wrong?:??

Linda in NJ

Are you doing the yf? That’s the same as a yarn over, I believe, and it would add a stitch in each of those sets. So you k2tog (decrease 1), yf (add 1), skpo (decrease 1), giving you a net decrease of one stitch, times 20 equals a net decrease of 20 stitches, so it should come out right.

Maybe I’m not understanding the YF. I was just bringing the yarn forward (as in a purl stitch), and then slipping the next stitch on my right needle. So… what I should be doing is pulling the yarn forward with my right needle and leaving it wrapped around the needle as I slip the stitch on the left needle to the right one???

Bring the yarn to the front, slip the stitch, then when you knit the st after that, the yarn will go over the needle to make the YO. Or you can just YO and bring the yarn all the way around to the back, slip, knit and you still have the yo.