Pattern help, please!

I bought some variegated yarn, and thought this pattern :
would look good for it. I got as far as the set up row before I almost lost my mind. The next row calls for 8 increases per row, and for the life of me, I can only get as many as 7 - mind you, they’re probably not in the right places.

:pray: Oh, please, KH crew, please help me gain my sanity back, before I burn this friggin piece of mess. Thanks!

I can’t even get up to your 7! There are four markers, and it says to increase before the marker. I don’t get it.

I would email the designer–there’s a link at the bottom of the page. I think at Knitty, if a part of the pattern is in red, there is either errata for it or a correction has been made. I don’t remember.

Wow, that’s a bit confusing with the cables, isn’t it?
Well, I think you increase before the marker and then you’re increasing again after the next cable.
Since you have 4 markers you than increase 8 stitches.

Hope that helps!

Very good! I missed that increase after the cables. Boy, when you can find a way to say things easier, I don’t know why they don’t. :thinking:

I will try that. Thanks, you guys! MUAH!