Pattern help please

I want to make this for ds for Christmas. I am confused about the needle size (2x size 2-3). Also, can you even double worsted weight yarn on size 2-3 needles?:shrug:

Your link had an extra http in it, so I tried to fix it but it still didn’t work. I even typed it in my computer and it wouldn’t go. Can you check it again?

I’ll try again. That’s what I get whe I am trying to rush. Thanks for telling me.

OK–that’s cute!

All I can think of is that they want it to be very dense so the stuffing won’t show through. You can try on the small needles, and if it’s ridiculously difficult, go up a size. You’d just end up with a bigger monkey.

That’s what I was thinking. It’s not like the guage is really important as long as the stuffing does not show.

ops wrong place

It looks to me like you need two double pointed needles, and maybe not a whole set? Yup. When you read down the pattern they use two dps to make a tube. Kinda like doing icord, I think. That’s a really sweet pattern! Good luck with it, and post a photo! samm