Pattern help please!

Hi there, I wonder if you might be able to help with some instructions that have confused me a little. My pattern says ’ dec 1 st at each end of next and foll 3 alt rows. I have dec at each end of first row which is a knit row but then I got confused because I worked out that the following 3rd row (of st-st pattern) will be a purl row and I thought I would be decreaseing on the knit rows only. Am I counting this properly. Do I dec 1st row, then row 3 then row, 6 etc. Any help out there please? I am on the home run of a pattern. I am not sure if I am suffering from ‘baby brain’ as I am eight months pregnant! Many thanks

[I]Next and follow 3 [B]alternate[/B] rows[/I] would be the next, then each knit row for 4 times total.

‘Following 3 alt rows’ would mean you’re dec eor (every other row). Dec on the K, work a P…do this combo 3 times more.

If it were every third row, it would state something like ‘every 3 rows.’