Pattern Help please!

I am working on the ‘Little Ola’ sweater by Lisa Cherney and I am confused at this point.
After I slip the sleeve stitches onto a holder do I
Cast on 2 stitches and leave them or do I cast on 2 stitches and knit them?

Thanks in advance!

Cast on two stitches (I prefer a knitted cast on but use the one you wish) then continue knitting. The cast on stitches will remain on the needle.

Thank you!
And why don’t you prefer a knitted cast on?

I do prefer a knitted cast on for adding stitches. It’s more stable and for me so much easier to work into on the next round or row and looks better than a backward loop cast on. Other knitters have a different experience with backward loop cast on and it comes out looking fine.

I’ve never done a backwards loop.
I like knitted cast on too. I believe the backward loop is used here as you need the stitches to be produced on the right needle, not the left. It’s possible to turn the work, cast on the stitch and turn back. It’s also possible to purl cast on if you need to cast it on on the wrong side.
You could try both and see which you prefer.

Interesting. I always appreciate your thoughts and help!

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If I have to cast on some stitches in the middle of my knitting, I use a stretchy cast on I learned on Youtube.