Pattern help please

I am trying to start a bottom up hat and it starts with an Italian cast on. I researched how to do the cast on but it also is using 2 strands it seems and it gets more confusing from there. Here are the instructions:
Cast on 128 sts using the Italian cast-on method as
“Cast on 65 sts with the contrasting yarn on a 4 mm
circular needle.
Knit 2 rows.
Break the yarn.
Join the Pernilla yarn and purl 1 row.
Join in the round.
Purl 2 rounds.
Change to a 3,5 mm circular needle.”
Any help is appreciated.

One of the strands is waste yarn that will be removed later. The pattern designer is giving a particular version of the Italian cast on where you cast on about half the sts with waste yarn. You knit 2 rows with waste yarn then knit with the main yarn.
Once you change to the larger needles you’ll pick up the strand between sts several rows below and place that strand on the left needle and then knit it. That’ll bring the full stitch count up of 128sts.

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Oh ok. Great! Thank you so much.