Pattern help please

I’m wondering if you could give me any help with a lace pattern I’m struggling with. I purchased the pattern from an ebay seller whose shop is poppys 66 and the pattern is numbered 871 and is a summer lacy top with shell edge. I’ve completed two practice runs at knitting one pattern repeat which consists of 14 rows and found both times that the pattern seems to jog at row 10. I followed the directions exactly as given but the parasol pattern has jogged.

Row 9
K1, *K2, (yfwd, K2tog) twice, yfwd, KB1, yfwd, (KB1, P2tog) 5 times, (KB1, yfwd) twice, (sL1K, K1, psso, yfwd) twice, K1; rep from * to last 2 sts, K2.

Row 10
P11, *(K1, P1) 4 times, K1, P19; rep from * to last 20 sts, (K1, P1) 4 times, K1, P11.

The last row is OK until it gets to P19 which goes beyond the lacy stitches and into the K1, P1 4 times. That’s where the problem seems to begin.

I don’t know if that’s enough for you to go on, but I’d appreciate your help.


I haven’t tested this out in a swatch but it looks ok to me. Most of row 9 is knit sts or yarn overs which would be purl sts in row 10. There are some sts in row 9 that are purled and they wind up being knit sts in row 10.
Basically row 10 is knit the knit sts and purl the purls ( that is, knit the Vs and purl the bumps that you see on the left needle). Yarn overs are purled on row 10.

Thanks for this, I must have gone wrong somewhere for the pattern to jog.