Pattern help please

can some one help with this part of pattern im sure i’m not doing it right

it’s the NECK/SHOULDER section

this is what my knitting looks like

confused !

I can’t really see because your knitting is folded over but the idea is that it looks like this:

The arrow at the bottom shows the direction of knitting. Does your pattern have a schematic at the end?

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Thank you, ive now taken my knitting back to the point where you bind off 50 and then cast on 50 this is where i went wrong and am still confused?

You should have 56sts on the needle. With the right side (RS) or public side of the sweater facing you, k3, bind off 50, k2 (the last stitch left from the bind off will make a total of 3 sts for this shoulder).
Now turn and k3, cast on 3sts using a knit or cable cast on. You’ll be back to 56sts total and can continue following the pattern instructions.

thank you sorry being thick, if i bind of 50 and only cast on three how will i have the extra 50 stitches ?

Sorry, my mistake. I had 3 on my mind. You’re right, it’s cast on 50sts then knit the last 3sts.
You’ll be back to 56sts: 3sts-50sts-3sts.

thank you another quick question the buttonhole row before the neck shoulder row reads K7, YFWD, k2tog, k38, k2tog, YFWD, K7 - this then leaves me with extra stitches? do i knit 7 with yarn forward? sorry i’m struggling with this pattern

Sometimes it is a struggle to understand a new pattern but you’re doing very well at working your way through this one.
The stitch count on this is 56sts so there shouldn’t be extra sts.
k7 is 7sts
k2tog takes 2sts. With the yarn over (called a YFWD here), that leaves you with 2 sts.
k38 is 38sts
k2tog takes 2 sts and again adding in the yarn over (same as YFWD in this pattern) leaves you with 2sts.
k7 is 7sts.
Remember that a yarn over doesn’t use up a stitch. Bring the yarn to the front between the needles then over the right hand needle to the back. That’s it.
You would then proceed with the next instruction. In your pattern it’s a k2tog or later in the row, a knit stitch so since the yarn has been moved over the needle to the back you’re in position to make a knit stitch.

Thank you i’ve now mastered that section of of the pattern, when i cast on 50 stitches i think i’m doing that bit wrong as the stitches are really tight and it dies not look right at all?

Try casting on with a larger size needle. Once the sts are cast on, continue with the usual pattern needle that you have been using.
A cable or knit cast on works well here for this number of sts.

still struggling with this pattern it’s definitely the part of the pattern when you cast on 50 stitches, it doesn’t look right i have attached a picture, i am determined to get this right

What are the strands of yarn crossing the two shoulder areas (arrow 1)? Also there appears to be some yarn connecting to the middle of the garter stitch section (arrow 2)?