Pattern help please



I’m confused about the pattern instructions for sleeves. The pattern gives 4 rows which set the sleeve pattern and then says to work 4 more rows in sleeve pattern. Does this literally mean another 4 rows or 4 x 4 rows = 16 rows and including the first 4 row = 20 rows in all. The pattern I’m knitting is CY1056 Grousemoor DK. - Mabel dress.

I’d be grateful for your advice.


Maybe this pattern?

If the pattern says, “…work 4 more rows in sleeve pattern.”, it means just 4 more rows. You’ve worked 4 rows and now will work 4 more for a total of 8 rows. Don’t repeat the pattern 4 more times.


Thank you for this it’s exactly what I did but I’m having problems with sewing the sleeves in as they do seem too short. The making up instructions are to line up front and back, so back shoulder shaping lines up with front shoulder shaping before garter stitch buttonband and pin. Set in sleeves, making sure to catch the overlap of the buttonband in the seam. I’m not sure my pattern is the same as the one shown in the photograph. My pattern is CY1056 Grousemoor DK.and has lacework on the bodice and hem.


The sleeves are rather shallow, by my count only 12 rows before the cap shaping. It’s that shaping that will have to fit into the armhole.
For the shaping there are several rows and the bind off which should give you enough length to fit the armhole. If not, you can always add in an extra few rows to make up the length. Which size are you making?

Row 4 of the pattern thumbnails:



I’m making the largest size and have completed it, I’m just having a bit of a struggle sewing the sleeves in.



Do you want to post a photo? I’ve sometimes added rows to the sleeve cap to make it fit more easily into the armhole opening.


Thanks for your reply. I don’t have a camera and don’t really know how to post a photograph. I’ve finished the project and sewed the sleeve cap in of sorts but had difficulty with it. What perplexes me about this pattern is that the main body of the garment is knitted in size 4mm needles whereas the sleeves are in 3.25mm. I’m wondering why this is?

Thanks for your help.


That is unusual. It may be that when the designer or test knitter worked this pattern a smaller needle was used to make the sleeve the correct size. Your tension may be slightly different and for whatever reason not require that smaller needle. That and a slight difference in row gauge might well account for the problems with sleeve size.

I’m glad you were able to make it work.