Pattern help please

I am knitting some leg warmers on straight knitting needles and have completed one pattern repeat only to find I have lost ten stitches. The cast on is 56 stitches and I have ended up with 46. It seems to be the third row which is causing the problem:

Row 3 - K3, P3tog, K, YO, K - repeat until the end, knit the remaining stitches.

I am repeating between the asterisks, but it seems there is only one YO to replace the P3togs. The other rows consist of knits and purls apart from row 7 and 11.

Row 7 - K2, P2tog, K, YO K - repeat until end of row, knit the remaining stitches.

Row 11 - K1, P2tog, K, YO, K - repeat until end of row, knit the remaining stitches.

Can you tell me where I am going wrong please, as it seems to me that no more stitches are increased to make them up to the cast on amount of 56 after working row 3.

The pattern is by Heidi Butterfield @ 2013

Thank you


That’s definitely a decrease row. I don’t see the pattern when I click your link and don’t know how to find it. Is it on Ravelry? What is the pattern’s exact name if you aren’t sure about a Ravelry page to link to.

If you’re working top down it might be decreasing to fit the ankle better.

The pattern is knitted from the ankle up and obviously I’m going to lose stitches all the time if I carry on.
The pattern is https:/

Maybe this pattern?

I only see one project other than the designers and no useful notes at that. I wonder if row 3 should be
Row 3 - K3, (P2tog, K, YO, K) - repeat until the end, knit the remaining stitches.

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Thanks for your reply and yes that’s the pattern, I was wondering myself if the pattern was wrong and I’ll try your suggestion.

Thanks again for your help. I’ve done what you suggested and the pattern is working out and I have also heard from the online retailer where the pattern was purchased who have verified your opinion.

Wonderful! We’d love to see a photo of the leg warmers when you finish.