Pattern help please

My pattern starts with cast on 31. Then purl a row. Then S1, knit 29. Turn.
Since I have 31 stitches on the needle now how do i treat the stitch not knitted? It doesn’t say to decrease per se.
Continue as established working one less stitch at each side…
This is a sock pattern and I’m knitting in the round.
Also the pattern calls for YO, Knit or Purl x Number but the K or P is always one less than is on my needle. What to do with that last stitch? Its like I’m increasing on one end but it doesn’t say to decrease on the other but I’m k or p one less each row.

Thank you!

Do you have a link to the pattern you are using? I’m about as confused as you are based on the description you’ve given! :crazy_face:

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Just let that single stitch hang out at the end of the needle. It’ll be joined by other sts as you work across the row, working one fewer stitch each time. It’s at least like the beginning of this tutorial:

I’d say continue on and follow the directions. The yarn over could be part of the short rows but having the pattern, as Kali requested may help.

Thank you! That helped a lot. I also realized I was starting in the round which I shouldnt have been doing.
Really appreciate the help!