Pattern help please

I am about to start knitting the back of a cardigan but have begun to question the instructions which are to work 5 rows in st-st. I’m wondering if this is a mistake and should read gst which would then bring the pattern instructions in line with the two fronts where the first rows are in gst. To follow the instructions as given, after knitting the five rows in st-st, the pattern says cast off 40sts, K to end. This row turns out to be a purl row and to knit to the end would then give purl stitches on the knit rows. Am I right? The pattern is King Cole 2911 and the cardigan has ties.

Thank you.

That sounds right to me. I couldn’t find the pattern on Ravelry to see a back view but everything you’ve said sounds correct. Yes, garter stitch the first rows as the fronts.
Is the cast off of 40 sts for a tie? I would cast off and continue in stockinette as the fronts as you suggest.
Very sweet pattern.

Thank you very much for your reply and yes the cast-off stitches are for the tie.
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I contacted King Cole and there is a correction (bolded) for this pattern:

With 3¾mm needles cast on 109 [115 : 119 : 125 : 131]sts and work 5 rows in gst.(garter stitch)

Thank you very much for contacting King Cole. I emailed them and got no reply.