Pattern Help please

Hi there,
I am going to try this pattern

| = marker
x= sts

R53: s1 k1 place marker k2 place marker k to end
==> Here is my result : xx | xx | xxxxx
R54 (thumb increase row): sl1, k to marker, sm, kfb, k to 1 st before marker, kfb, sm, k to end
==> Here is my result : xxxxx | kfb , kfb | xx
I am not sure why did it say k to 1 st before marker where there is nothing to knit. And it seem like kfb right after the kfb as my above result.
Did I read it correct?

R67: sl1, k to marker, put the 14 sts between the markers on stitch holders or scrap yarn, remove markers, CO2 (with backwards loop CO), k to end (there should be 9 stitches on your needle)
==> I only have 13 sts between the markers., and not sure what did I do wrong here.


You’ve done the first set of increases correctly. The reason for saying “k to 1 st before marker…” is because that row will repeat in later rows. Although for row 54 you only have 2sts to begin with, in later increase rows there’ll be more sts.

You should have an even number of sts between the markers. You may have missed an increase somewhere along the thumb gusset. You can always add in an extra stitch when you get to knitting the thumb.

Everything work fine after I re-do it.
Thanks Salmonmac

I came to this part., and need some help.

“With another needle and without working yarn pick up 48 stitches from the right hand side of the thumb panel.”

Is that mean that I have to use a new yarn to pick up the 48 sts from the right hand side?
If so, do I need to have the wrong side or right side facing me when I am working on the pick up stitches?

I am curious why it cannot combine the both side together without picking up 48 sts from the other side.

Is that mean pick up 4 sts first, then knit back these 4 sts till you reach those stitches holding on two dpns, and then knit a full round? And this part is consider as round 1?
I also not sure about when to do the p2tog, and p2, p2tog.


Move the thumb stitches from the stitch holder to two dpns. Pick up and knit 4 stitches from above the thumb gusset. Knit the stitches that were on the stitch holders up until the last stitch. p2tog (this closes a potential the gap between the stitches from the stitch holder and the newly picked up stitches), p2, p2tog (to close the gap on the other side of the thumb). Purl to the end of round.

Round 3: k
Round 4: p

Repeat until 3 more times (or until the thumb is long enough). Bind off.


You have the mitt with thumb panel and enough main part to go around your hand and join to the thumb panel. In order to join to the thumb panel, you need stitches along the edge since there aren’t any live sts there. Pick up sts with the RS facing by slipping the extra needle into the edge sts along the side of the thumb panel. Just grab a loop from the existing panel. You won’t need yarn for this. It may be easiest to use a smaller size needle to do this.
This is the technique shown here:

and also here in the tutorial with the mitts pattern:

For the thumb, pick up and knit 4 new sts from above the thumb gusset. Pick up from right to left then knit the sts on the holders or dpns. When you knit around to one stitch before the first of the four picked up sts you will have just about completed one round. Now p2tog (the last stitch from the holder and the first of the picked up sts), p2, then p2tog (this is stitch 4 of the picked up sts purled tog with the first stitch which was on a holder). The idea is to use the p2tog to close up any hole at the edges of the thumb.