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Hi Everyone,

I joined today, because this looked like the perfect spot to get some help… I’ve been knitting for years, but I am just starting with more challenging projects. I was totally fine with the pattern I’m working on now, until the finishing :frowning:

This is what the pattern looks like:
Cowl Neck: Sew right shoulder seam. With RS of work facing, pick up and knit 12 sts down left front neck edge. K17 (19-19-21-21) from front st holder. Pick up and knit 12 sts up right front neck edge and 3 sts down right back neck edge. K23 (25-25-27-27) from Back st holder. Pick up and knit 3 sts up left back neck edge. 70 (74-74-78-78) sts.
Beg with a knit row, work 6 rows in stocking st.

So now I have 2 questions… it says to start at the rs on the left side… but I knit from right to left. So I was planning to follow the instruction back to front so I can start at the right end. Would that work?

Also it says to work 6 rows of stocking stitch after picking/knitting the first row but then I end up at the ws, while the pattern continues at the rs…

I’m clearly missing something, so I could really use your help :slight_smile:


AWelcome to KH!!
You seam the right shoulder (that’s as you would wear the sweater), so it would be best to start picking up sts with the pick up of 3sts at the left shoulder. That shoulder is open and unseamed. Then knit across thr back neck sts, pick up 3sts and continue down the right front etc.

Once you’ve picked up sts, work the next 6 rows in stockinette. That should end on a ws row. If you end on a rs row, i don’t think it would hurt to add another row so that you end having completed a ws row.

What pattern are you making?

Thank you so much for your swift answer!
I was happy to see you came up with the same solution as I had in mind. (But I’m still wondering if it’s a mistake in the pattern or some flaw in my thinking ;-))
I’m doing a sweater with lace cowl and sleeves. I’ll post a picture when it’s done.

Well, i’m a lefty but knit righty. However, when it comes to picking up sts, i always have to remind myself to pick up with thr right hand.

I always like reading these in case it may help prevent me from making a mistake since those can be pretty confusing in some patterns. I’m wondering if when you say you’re a lefty but knit righty, if that’s similar to the way I do it, Continental even though I’m actually a righty. Just grew up having learned that way.

LOL! I’m a lefty too :slight_smile: but I knit continental, like happy4help. I think I may have solved the rs/ws question though… the cowl is worn inside out, so ws becomes rs :slight_smile:
(Seems logical?)

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As long as you can maintain the correct stitch pattern or the stitch pattern you like on the rs, you should be ok.

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Stunning! What a gorgeous sweater.

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Ditto here. It’s beautiful!!!

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Thank you!