pattern help please?

Hi there, here is part of my pullover sweater pattern below - I am making size L1. I am stuck at the last paragraph (I’ve put in bold). When she says Move pocket stitches onto the main needle…how do I do that? Seems odd because she says to knit the pockets back and forth (this sweater is in the round)…and the stitches I currently have on the needle are several rows below the ones she is saying to add to the needle? I hope my question makes sense…

Move pocket sts onto main needle. With colour C, CO 1 st, k pocket sts, CO 1 st. Work back and forth in st st for
1 row less than the number of rounds worked for the body in colour A (from the beginning of the pockets). Cut
colour C yarn, and with new colour A yarn, work 1 row. Cut colour A yarn.

You could keep the sts on the spare needle and knit them back and forth on the spares, say 2 dpns or a circlular. This pocket lining is going to sit in back of the main body of the sweater.
Could you please edt your post to remove all but the pocket directions?

When you say “you could keep the sts on the spare needle” do you mean keep them on the main needle (the one I’m currently using) and use another set just to do the pockets?

Yes, you could use another set of needles to make the pocket lining. It’s worked back and forth on only the held sts. It may seem a little awkward ar first because the rest of the sweater is hanging out on the main needle but it’ll work.