Pattern help, please!

Hello everyone!

I’m knitting an awesome headband from a vintage pattern and am stuck. Here’s where I’m at in the pattern:
“Repeat last 4 rows until there are 39 sts on needle. Work even in pat. for 12 rows, end on wrong side.”

I’ve finished the first sentence, and am confused on the last one: “Work even in pat. for 12 rows, end on wrong side.” Is it saying to do the last 4 rows 12 times, or to do rows 1-12 in the pattern? If I do the latter, I would be ending on the right side instead of the wrong. (I’m still somewhat of a novice, so apologies if the answer is obvious.)
Here’s a link to the pattern I’m working on if my question isn’t making any sense:
Thanks a ton!

Repeat the last 4 rows without any increases. Essentially you’ll be following the knit pattern you’ve made so far, continuing the ribbing and area of stockinette stitch (knit on one side, purl on the other).
Just make sure you end having completed a wrong side row. If you have to add another row to get there, that’s ok.
The really important skill to develop is reading your knit fabric. Make sure you’re continuing that pattern and this will all work. Love to see a photo of the finished headband.

Thank you so much! I’ll definitely post the end product!

If I could get your help again that would be great!
I’m now beginning the decreasing in my pattern and don’t understand what this means:
"pass slipped st over pst"
Thanks so much!

It’s slip 1, p1, pass slipped stitch over the purl stitch. It’s a decrease.

Thank you so much again!! I couldn’t find what pst meant online :slight_smile: