Pattern help please with eyelets


I’m knitting a top down dress in the round and have begun the increases. The instructions say for increase round 1: K17, yo, pm repeat to the end of the round. The second increase round says K18 yo, slipm repeat to the end of the round. There are four knitted rounds in between the increase rounds. Unfortunately, I’ve realised that on increase round 1 I ended with a yo when it seems I should have just pm. Does this mean I have to undo the four knitted rounds and the second increase round to remove the accidental yo? I’m knitting Blossom Top/Dress by Elena Nodel. This is the first time I’ve really knitted with circular needles and I’ve gone into instant panic mode!


You don’t have to take out the entire round but if the mistake bothers you, you can knit to the column of the yo and drop down eliminating the yo. The extra yarn in that column can be taken up by the adjoining sts. Alternatively you can close up the yo with a piece of leftover yarn and then weave in the ends.
That said, I don’t really think an extra yo here or there in that particular pattern is going to make a big difference. If it doesn’t bother you, it’s likely it will never be noticed.
Cute little dress!


Thank you for your reply but the extra yo has created another stitch and doesn’t it mean the eyelets formed will be one stitch out of pattern? It only occurred at the end of the round which meant I had to knit one stitch extra before slipping the following marker. I’m wondering whether to knit two stitches together at the beginning of the round would sort it out?


You could k2tog to make the stitch number correct. You could also just have an extra stitch in that panel. Don’t let it throw off the alignment of eyelets in the succeeding rows however.


I didn’t think the eyelet pattern looked right so I undid all the rows until before the first increase round which gave me the correct stitch count of 136 stitches. I knit the 5 rounds as instructed and then followed the instructions for the first increase round ie: K17, yo, place marker. I did this all the way round but upon reaching the last panel before the end of round marker I then K17, yo but didn’t need to place the marker as I came to the end of round marker. Increase round 2 says to K18 etc. The problem was there was only 17 stitches before the marker and that’s the problem. What do I do?. I cant face undoing all the rounds again. I’ve never got on with circular knitting when trying it before, it’s just so disorientating.


On the first increase round you should k17 and then be up to the beginning of round marker. Yarn over and slip the BOR marker. That’s all good.

On the next increase round you’ll knit the same 17 sts plus the one additional stitch created from the yo for a total of 18sts. Slip the marker.

Go back and recount the sts. Make sure that you have 17 and then the yo in each panel. It’s easy to forget a yo or miscount. Also, look at the current round and make sure the stitch counts are all correct (18sts and then a yo). If you’re working the second dec round you should have 18sts followed by a yo and the marker. See if that’s all correct.

If you don’t see an error (a missed yo or a dropped stitch), I would work an increase, a KRL is almost undetectable. See the Free Videos at the top of the page, Increases for the KRL increase.


Thanks for your reply. What I’m actually saying is that I’m beginning the second increase round and the first panel after the BOR has only seventeen stitches, but subsequently they all have the eighteen like they should. I did think to work another increase as you’ve suggested but can’t understand really why this has happened twice. Sometimes I wonder if it’s possible to work in the wrong direction? When joining in the round I kept the right side facing, that was right wasn’t it?


It is possible to pick up your knitting and start working in the wrong direction. The wrong side would be facing you and that should be noticeable.
Yes, in general, keep the right side (the outer or public side) facing you and closest to you. The loop of the cable needle with the sts will be towards your lap.

You have markers for each of the sections, right? Sometimes it’s possible to forget or drop a yo in a section. Count the sts after you finish a section for several rounds until you’re sure all the counts are correct. It’s a pain but it’ll save time in the long run.


I’ve done as you suggested and I’m now back on track. Thank you.